I'm Starting a Blog!

I'm Starting a Blog!

Welcome to mimsy.io! Just another blog about data science, learning, and general tomfoolery involving cool visualizations.

Like many blogs, this site doesn't have much structure. However, I do file the different post under different categories. If you need some guidance, theses are the different types of posts I'll be writing:

  • Announcements: Post like this one that provide information about the site itself.
  • Stories: Posts that read more like news articles. Here, I take a story I've heard somewhere else and try to explore it further using data.
  • Notebooks: Blog post versions of JUPYTER notebooks. I usually post these a supplementary material to other posts (like Stories). These involve code (usually R or Python) and detail steps I took to create graphs, maps, and visualizations.
  • Tutorials: Post where I explore and try to explain various topics in data science, statistics, and machine learning.

As of right now, there's not much content on the site, but this will hopefully change soon!